Ruakura SuperHub – Shipping Gazette Feature

26 February 2021

Hamilton’s leap into an expansionary decade, as one corner of the upper North Island’s much-vaunted Golden Triangle, is picking up momentum as industrial business gains in confidence.
Adding its weight to the economic impetus is the new Ruakura SuperHub development by Tainui Group Holdings.

TGH was created as the inter-generational investor and guardian of the commercial assets held on behalf of the 76,000 members of the Waikato-Tainui people.

The TGH asset portfolio includes property, hotels, fixed income (leases), primary industry (farms, forests), direct investments (Waikato Milking Systems), and equities. Over the last five years, TGH has been actively diversifying to spread risk against any sector experiencing a downturn.

An asset that has been resting on its books for 25 years is starting to emerge and of such proposed scale as to be astounding in its ambition.

The emergent 490-hectare Ruakura SuperHub is located on the eastern fringe of Hamilton with 192 hectares earmarked for logistics and industrial uses, including a planned 30 hectare inland port.

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