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Ruakura’s inland port and logistics hub presents a rare opportunity to shape a site to suit your logistics needs and business requirements, now and into the future.

Ideally located at the heart of the Golden Triangle and with rail and road connections on its doorstep (including direct links to both Auckland and Tauranga ports), Ruakura has been designed to be the country’s most efficient freight hub.

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Stage 1 of the Ruakura development is underway, with the inland port scheduled to open in 2020.

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  • Scale

    At an impressive scale of 480 hectares Ruakura will cater for your long-term growth requirements so you can plan with certainty. Consider the opportunity to consolidate from multiple locations to one site at Ruakura, driving economies of scale. The logistics precinct is 192 ha, with 30 ha dedicated to the inland port.

  • Location

    Located in Hamilton at the heart of the golden triangle between Auckland and Tauranga, Ruakura gives you access to over 2 million people in the North Island. Hamilton is an ideal location due to its transport connections, proximity to international ports, Auckland International Airport, and the number of manufacturing, health, education and freight and logistics companies that are based there.

  • Capacity

    Ruakura is forecast to have a throughput of 40,000 TEU’s (equivalent 20-foot shipping containers) in its first three years, building up to an unrivalled capacity of 1 million TEU per year.

  • Transport infrastructure

    A rail based logistics solution will allow more of your shipping containers to be transported by rail instead of adding to already congested roads. Ruakura offers unmatched multi-modal transport links with direct connections to both the Waikato Expressway and the East Coast Main Trunk railway, efficiently connecting you to both global and domestic markets.

  • Seaport Neutrality

    Auckland and Tauranga seaports have significant capacity issues constraining the ability of each to meet future freight demand. Ruakura is a complementary facility which will be able to service the pent-up demand present in the supply chain, allowing you to use either Auckland or Tauranga seaports depending on your needs.

    seaport neutrality
  • World Class Operations

    C3 (a subsidiary of Australian based LINX Cargo Care Group) has been awarded the contract to develop and operate the inland port. They will support your operations by managing receipt and delivery of containers and non-containerised cargo; container storage; coordinating cargo transfers between the port and adjacent warehousing; container packing and unpacking services.

  • Efficiency Gains

    Ruakura offers genuine scale and efficiency for importers and exporters to move cargo in a timely, cost effective manner. Large volumes of unloaded empty containers create perfect opportunities for exporters to load and return to seaports for shipping, creating a more efficient “closed loop” supply chain network benefiting all involved.

    efficiency gains

Recognised as a project of national significance

Located in Hamilton, Ruakura is set to become New Zealand’s largest integrated development at its completion, bringing economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits to the Waikato and New Zealand for many years to come. Proud to be a Waikato-Tainui development.

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Industrial and logistics zoned sites at Ruakura are now leasing, so move quickly to secure a prime position in this world class development.

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