Ko wai maatou

About Tainui Group Holdings

Tainui Group Holdings (TGH) is the wholly owned commercial entity of Waikato-Tainui with a responsibility to protect and grow the tribe’s commercial assets to support the development and prosperity of our 78,000 tribal members. All profits generated by TGH fund education, health, elderly, cultural, housing and environmental programmes, and are reinvested into further growing the commercial assets.

TGH is governed by a Board comprised of senior tribal leaders and independent commercial directors. This provides a balance of our unique perspective and considerations as iwi alongside robust and sound commercial decision-making. We strive to deliver commercial leadership with an iwi world-view.

TGH is led by Chief Executive Chris Joblin and a team of property development, investment, commercial, strategy, finance and engagement specialists. Our team is skilled, experienced, and recognised as leaders within their fields who demonstrate integrity, commitment and professionalism every day.

TGH was incorporated in 1998 and manages a portfolio of assets valued at $1.04b, which includes:
  • Commercial property
  • Farms and forests
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Hotels
  • The Base and Centre Place North shopping centres, Hamilton
  • Financial investments
  • Direct investments
We are one of the largest property developers in the Waikato region. Major projects include:
  • Ruakura Superhub - Stage 1: inland port 17ha, logistics zone 35ha, industrial zone 25ha
  • The Base shopping complex - 87,000m2
  • Te Awa Mall at The Base - 30,000m2
  • Four multi-storey hotels – 50,820m2
  • Accident Compensation Corporation regional headquarters – 8,500m2
  • Residential subdivisions - 1,000 sections

Much of the 4,000ha of land owned by our iwi is situated in high value strategic locations, and these landholdings provide a pipeline of development for at least the next 150 years. Ruakura Superhub is our signature project and an example of the intergenerational approach we take to investment, partnerships and the way we do business.