As a master-planned community, Ruakura will offer residents, business owners and the workforce access to a wide range of amenities. This will include retail, with several modern and carefully curated retail precincts incorporated in our master plan. The first of these to be developed will be the Waitomo Service Centre adjacent to the expressway which will include a fuel stop with alternative energy sources, cafes, restaurants and takeaway food along with other essential services.

Town centre type retailing is proposed adjacent to transportation hubs, serving the local community and commuter traffic and larger format retail (including supermarkets) are also included within the master plan for Ruakura.

Waitomo Group to open flagship service centre at Ruakura Superhub

TGH has signed an agreement with Waikato-based fuel distributor Waitomo Group to develop a full-service, flagship site accessible off the Waikato Expressway via the Ruakura interchange.

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