89 hectares has been reserved for the logistics precinct adjacent to Ruakura Inland Port with the first 35 hectares currently leasing now as part of Stage 1. The adjacent port facilities will save both time and money to move containers, which along with a ready supply of land and labour provide significant advantages relative to Auckland and Tauranga.

The Golden Triangle of Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga is home to around half the total population of New Zealand and generates 50% of the total economic activity and 65% of the total freight flows.

Freight matching by loading and unloading at the same location provides efficiencies while at the same time economies of scale will be delivered through logistics businesses clustering around the inland hub. A resilient supply chain is achieved with direct rail and road links to the Port of Tauranga and high-capacity rail and road connections to Ports of Auckland.

A common user facility will offer opportunities for smaller operators to rent plant and equipment without the requirement of owning a distribution centre.