Residential New Build Homes

Welcome to Ruakura Superhub’s Residential Zone, where modern living and convenience converge. Explore our thoughtfully designed new build homes and experience the perfect blend of comfort, connectivity, and sustainability. Discover why our Residential Zone is the ideal place to call home.

High-Quality Homes with Smart Streetscapes

Our new homes at Ruakura Superhub offer exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Capacity for Approximately 4,500 New Builds

Ruakura Superhub includes residential zones with the capacity to house approximately 4,500 new build homes in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Perfect for Families and Investors

Our new builds in Hamilton NZ, are designed to cater to a range of lifestyles. 

Proximity to Key Amenities

Situated in an unbeatable location, Ruakura Superhub’s new build homes are just a short distance from Hamilton CBD, Five Crossroads, and Chartwell Square.

Tuumata Rise

Tuumata Rise, a 10-ha block of whenua located on Powells Rd, is set to become a sought-after location for new build homes in Hamilton and residential property investment. The development will feature mixed-density housing comprising both freestanding homes and townhouses.

This development is named Tuumata, which means to lift one’s eyes above the horizon and onto new a new future. The name also references Ngaati Wairere tupuna (ancestor) Tuumataura.

Our Tuumata Rise Building Partners

Tramway Block

Tramway Block is located south of Powells Road Block and includes the potential for thousands of new homes to be built.


Taapapa is a 3ha block located at the south-east end of the Superhub opposite the University of Waikato.

Taapapa is a perch for native birds that is generally found in a forest region. As forests were a signature feature of Ruakura pre colonisation. Taapapa is also a flat piece of land that was required for a development, whether it was for homes, gardens, and areas that sustained life.