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Ruakura Development Update #4

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Kia ora taatou,

This week we have some visual updates on progress at Ruakura Superhub with new aerial photography taken by a drone on the 14th of May.

The platform for the first 17 hectares of Ruakura Inland Port (Stage 1), takes shape alongside the East Coast Main Trunk (ECMT) Line. Two 800 metre rail sidings will be constructed off the ECMT coming into the inland port.

The 35 hectare Logistics West area takes shape, looking towards the inland port.

New local roading connections start to emerge from the former farmland. Shown is the intersection between Road 3 and Ruakura Road West, which will eventually be a major, signalised road junction.

The 10-hectare wetland area begins to emerge as distinct topographical form. The area will feature extensive native planting, walking tracks and habitat for tuna (eels) and native fauna.


Team planting

On Friday 14 May, members of the TGH team took advantage of pristine weather to plant the first 400, of what will be 1 million native plants incorporated in the 92 hectare stage 1 of Ruakura Superhub.  The pics show planting of Carex flagellifera (brown) and Carex dissita (green) flaxes sourced locally from Waikato-Tainui nurseries.

Getting hands on with the planting

Power planting by ngaa waahine

Nga taane take a breather


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Ruakura Development Update #3

Posted on:

27 April 2021

Kia ora taatou,

Plenty of activity in and around the Ruakura Superhub development site last week.


Ministerial visit
On Thursday 22 April the team hosted the Minister of Transport, Hon. Michael Wood on site for a briefing and viewing of development works underway. Afterwards, the Minister spoke positively to the media of the joined-up planning and development frameworks in the Waikato, the synergies of private and public investment and the smart connections of Ruakura with key infrastructure such as the East Cast Main Trunk Line and new Waikato Expressway as well as Ruakura’s long-term contribution to a de-carbonised economy.

The Waikato Times reported on the visit here.

Ministerial visit
Minister Wood (centre) pictured with Hamilton East M.P Jamie Strange and Chris Joblin (right).

In other engagement on the site, roading contractor (Schick) has been on site running a virtual simulator for university students to try their hand at operating heavy equipment.

Training simulator
The training simulator in action


Community ‘drop in’ session
This coming Thursday 29 April, TGH will be hosting a community drop in information session from 3.00pm to 7.00pm at the Don Llewellyn Sports Pavilion, Gate 3B, Silverdale Road. Our scale model, maps and representatives from TGH and Hamilton City Council will be available to answer questions on Ruakura Superhub and key local transportation connections. The drop-in session has been promoted with radio spots on the local Newstalk ZB and Coast radio stations, print advertising in the Waikato Times and Hamilton Press, a letter drop to residents, social media posts and inclusion in the University of Waikato staff email.


On site works
This week we started removing the pre-load from the Port area on Wednesday (after three years of compression of the port site). This loading material is now being re-deployed to pre-load the second stage of the inland port. Our contractors C&R have made good progress on site, with the wetlands and drainage channels now operational, and we have completed excavations to the water table levels. Works are now focusing on final trimming.

Aerial view of the site
A new aerial view of the site under development taken this week.


Over the past two weeks we have hosted several prospective tenants on site including some businesses which are not currently operating in the Waikato but are keen to get established here to take advantage of the supply chain benefits we offer. We have also successfully tendered the construction of our first tenant’s building (PBT) and anticipate we will be ready to let this contract in mid-May.

Project Team
Ruakura Superhub


Questions or suggestions?
Please email us on or phone 0508 RUAKURA (0508 782 5872).


Leasing enquiry?
Richard Jefferies, GM Commercial, Mobile: +64 27 404 6655,

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Ruakura Development Update #2

Posted on:

9 April 2021

Continuing good construction weather has seen further excellent progress on the wider Ruakura precinct over the past fortnight.

The 10-hectare wetlands are now generally formed and contractor C&R is well underway with the formation of a large island in the middle of the wetland, which will eventually be criss-crossed with public boardwalks.

There are now around 65 people employed on site by the two major contractors. Cambridge based C&R (whose team includes nine women working on site) is engaged by TGH and is well advanced in forming the wetlands, and logistics west area. Next week C&R will start work to form the operations pad for the actual inland port.

Te Rapa headquartered Schick Civil Construction (which is engaged by HCC) has made strong progress in the past week with the formation of Ruakura Road West and Road 4. Personnel from C&R, Schick, HCC and TGH meet daily to ensure safe co-ordination of on-site works.

Earlier today the project team hosted M.P. for Hamilton East Jamie Strange who came to check out progress in this major development within his electorate.  Please see the pictures below:


Week 1 progress made by Schick Civil Construction on the Ruakura West Spine Road. 

The Road 4 swale is ready for topsoil.

 The PBT site is pre-loaded to compact the ground prior to construction.



TGH CEO Chris Joblin and Jamie Strange, M.P. for Hamilton East are dwarfed by earthmoving equipment.

Jamie and Chris near the wetland and island – which will feature a network of public walking tracks.


Following the inaugural leasing agreement with PBT Express Freight Network for an initial 10,000 sqm announced in mid-December last year, the next significant leasing deal is very close and expected to be announced in a matter of weeks.  Beyond that, there is a long pipeline of discussions in progress with leading and large businesses at varying stages of maturity – including a significant level of unsolicited inbound enquiry.


TGH, together with partners such as the Hamilton City Council and others has a community information ‘drop in’ day planned for Thursday 29 April.  This will be held at ‘The Don’ Sports Pavilion on University of Waikato Grounds at Silverdale Road from 4-7pm.

Questions or suggestions?

Please email us on or phone 0508 RUAKURA (0508 782 5872).

Leasing enquiry?

Richard Jefferies, General Manager Commercial, Mobile: +64 27 404

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Ruakura Development Update

Posted on:

29 March 2021

As of 10 days ago, earthworks contractor, C&R Developments, under contract to TGH, had moved more than 330,000 cubic metres of earth to start to create the shape of the wetland and temporary and permanent ponds to store water runoff.

The clean water diversion for the new Wetland that protects the Mangaonua stream.

C&R is also working to prepare the Logistics zone where our first tenant, PBT, will be located. The construction for the PBT building is now out to tender, closing just after Easter. Excellent weather and good soil conditions to date mean the overall form of the 92-hectare site of Stage 1 will be substantially complete by the onset of Winter.


After setting up on site over the past week, Schick Civil Construction, on contract to the Hamilton City Council, is underway for the earthworks for Ruakura Road West and bulk earthworks for the road known as Road 3 and realignment of the rail crossing at Percival Road as shown below:

Questions or suggestions?

Please email us on or phone 0508 RUAKURA (0508 782 5872).

Leasing enquiry?

Richard Jefferies, General Manager Commercial, Mobile: +64 27 404 6655,


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Ruakura SuperHub – Shipping Gazette Feature

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Hamilton’s leap into an expansionary decade, as one corner of the upper North Island’s much-vaunted Golden Triangle, is picking up momentum as industrial business gains in confidence.
Adding its weight to the economic impetus is the new Ruakura SuperHub development by Tainui Group Holdings.

TGH was created as the inter-generational investor and guardian of the commercial assets held on behalf of the 76,000 members of the Waikato-Tainui people.

The TGH asset portfolio includes property, hotels, fixed income (leases), primary industry (farms, forests), direct investments (Waikato Milking Systems), and equities. Over the last five years, TGH has been actively diversifying to spread risk against any sector experiencing a downturn.

An asset that has been resting on its books for 25 years is starting to emerge and of such proposed scale as to be astounding in its ambition.

The emergent 490-hectare Ruakura SuperHub is located on the eastern fringe of Hamilton with 192 hectares earmarked for logistics and industrial uses, including a planned 30 hectare inland port.

Read the full Shipping Gazette article here.


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