• Logistics precinct of 195 hectares
  • Work precinct of 262 hectares
  • Learn precinct of 108 hectares
  • Live precinct of 138 hectares
  • Shop precincts with 24,000m2 of floor area
  • Over 10% of the whole Ruakura site has been set aside as public open space


On a site larger than the Auckland CBD, Ruakura sets new standards in supply chain efficiencies to create a real market advantage for distribution and logistics companies.

The size of this new development will cater for all your long term growth requirements so you can plan with certainty, drive productivity and scale to meet demand.

Ruakura is an 822 hectare site, over 5km long and 2km wide, increasing Hamilton’s urban boundary by 8%. This represents the largest industrial location available for development in the upper North Island.

Ruakura is a carefully planned, multi decade development which will create a thriving business and lifestyle hub, bringing economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits to the Waikato and New Zealand forruakura aerial many years to come.

There are significant land reserves available to ensure unrestricted growth in the future. This means Ruakura can offer the ideal site configuration for your business.


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