iStock_000017937187_XXXLarge (1)Ruakura will be a thriving employment hub for a range of industries including logistics and transport, retail and hospitality, real estate, medical and education, research and development.

Ruakura is a carefully planned, multi year development project creating a thriving business and lifestyle hub, bringing economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits to the Waikato and New Zealand for many years to come.

Hamilton’s efficient traffic flows mean significantly shorter daily commute times to and from work compared to Auckland. The city has recently upgraded several major transport routes including a new Ring Road which encircles the wider city, to provide further capacity for business and commuter traffic away from central roads. Hamilton is large enough to have all the facilities expected in a major city and is close enough for easy access to Auckland.


Spending less time in traffic and more time at home with family is the reality for local residents. Many people migrate to the Waikato each year for a more relaxed lifestyle. Because of Hamilton’s size, safety and opportunities offered, it is also considered by many as the ideal place to raise children. The Waikato is well known for being conveniently close to a great many desirable locations including beaches such as Raglan, Mt Maunganui, Waihi and the Coromandel, as well as the ski fields at Whakapapa and Turoa, and tourist locations such as Waitomo Caves and Rotorua.

The affordability of real estate in Hamilton is striking when compared with New Zealand’s other main centres. This applies to commercial and residential property. This offers potential savings month after month for businesses looking to relocate to Ruakura, or individuals and families moving to Hamilton. For some it means a higher standard of house for the same price as Auckland, while for others it translates to a similar house with a much smaller mortgage, or the opportunity to raise a family on a single income.


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